The best cheap vacation spots for 2018

The best cheap vacation spots for 2018

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Eugh, we’re feeling a bit rough. We think we’re coming down with something. We think it might be (*gasp*) the travel bug! To be fair, this bug has been brewing for years now, as we always wish we could just take ourselves away, travel the world, build up a beautiful tan, explore unknown worlds, make friends with strangers and eat weird foods on the sides of roads. Unfortunately, there is one thing that seems to be holding us back, and we’re not too happy about it. Of course, we’re talking about our bank account (the little devil). Thankfully, there are some super cheap vacation spots for 2018 that may just beat this bug once and for all…

Saint Martin – Leeward Islands, Caribbean Sea

If you’re up to date on your current events, you might remember that Hurricane Irma devastated many of the Caribbean Islands last year. Because of this, you might be wondering why the heck we think you should travel to the island of Saint Martin?! Well, although this hurricane was a devastating natural event that caused irreparable damage to the people of Saint Martin, this has opened up a wealth of opportunity for travelers to help them get back on track. Most of the hotels on this beautiful island have since reopened their doors, but the wariness of tourists are pushing them away from the island. To attract more customers, these hotels are now offering largely discounted rates. What could be better than that?

Santa Fe – New Mexico, United States of America

santa fe new m

There are so many incredible destinations across America, but for some reason people always forget about Santa Fe (why do they always forget about Santa Fe?) Located in New Mexico and at the bottom of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this beautiful conglomeration of historical beige buildings offers visitors the chance to check out the Anglo, Native American and Hispanic roots of this epic city. With festivals, fairs, art galleries and museums to its name, Santa Fe is a goldmine for those looking for a bit of culture. The best part? It’s not too pricey. If you fly to into Albuquerque, you can then drive from there. If you do this, you’re looking at car rental prices for as little as $13.99 per day with Hertz.

Phuket – Southern Province of Thailand

Thailand has always been notorious for being one of the best cheap vacation spots for travel enthusiasts. From the flights to the food to the drink and the entertainment (would a trip to Thailand be complete without a ladyboy cabaret show?), you can have the trip of a lifetime on a shoestring budget. In essence, Phuket Province is basically just a rainforest! This makes for incredible scenery, and the beaches are just to die for. One of the best things about Phuket is that you can explore so much more than the nightclubs and the beach resorts. In fact, you can check out the famous Phi Phi islands during a two-hour boat ride for just $30.

Fez – Morocco

fez morocco

If you’ve always wanted to go to Morocco, there’s a high chance you’ve looked at the prices of Marrakech and quickly slammed your laptop shut to preserve your eyes. True? Well, luckily, there’s an even cheaper area of Morocco that is just waiting to be explored. As the second-largest city in the country, Fez is one of the cheapest vacation spots in Europe. You can explore the colorful Souks, you can smell the traditional leather tanneries, you can chill out on cozy rooftop bars and restaurants, and you can wander through the ancient runes. While a hotel will set you back around $60 a night here, you can spend as little as $6 on your dinner!

If you’re looking to explore a new destination in 2018, you just have to make it one of these cheap vacation spots! Why pay more, when you can pay less? It’s basically science.

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