Hello, fellow budget travel lover!

Welcome to Travel Budgeter, a travel blog and directory set up by a small group of writers with a serious passion for traveling the world – on a budget. Our goal is to create the biggest list of comprehensive guides on traveling the world on a budget; from London to Las Vegas and Toronto to Tokyo. Being writers means we don’t exactly bring in the big bucks, which is why we have to satisfy our craving to travel the globe on the cheap. We forgo the luxuries (most of the time) and fill our backpacks, to explore all that this beautiful planet has to offer.

Not only do we aim to provide you with tons of useful guides, but we’ll also be filling our pages with reviews and listings of the best budget accommodation, food and drink establishments, and attractions. You’ll be able to rate every single part of our site, from the hotel listings through to our city or destination guides. Loved that hotel in London? Give it 5*! Not keen on our guide on New York? Feel free to rate it down (just make sure you let us know why and what we can do to improve).

Travel Budgeter aims to be the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to travel on a budget; from family holidays through to backpacking the world. And, we promise to be open, honest and transparent. We’ll never recommend somewhere we know is awful and our hotel and restaurants featured in our guides are NOT affiliate links like many other travel sites. In 99% of cases we link directly to the business itself or to a booking page if they don’t have their own website.

We do have affiliate partners on the site, however, and we think it’s important we’re totally honest about those – so you can read more about how it works here.

We also open up our listings to travel businesses who want to be included, but we don’t just accept anyone. They have to be able to fit our stringent guidelines of budget travel and they have to be open to your reviews.

Well, that’s about it for now – we best get back to work.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch over here – we’re more than happy to receive feedback (good or bad).

See you on our travels!

Bex, Helena, Lauren, Codie, Matt & Flo